Fey Creature

Fey Creatures

A large category of creatures birthed from the mythic aether of fairyland. Fey creatures appear in all shape, sizes, and forms. The only real connection between all fey creatures is their connection to the realm of the Feywild.

Fey Spider
Giant Fey Spider, I Like to Bite
Good At (+2): Biting, Leaping, Mind Controlling People (Careful)
Bad At (-2): Avoiding Attacks, Turning Quickly, Fitting Through Small Openings
Opposed Approaches: Forceful and Quick
Stress: (2)
Mild (2):
Fey Power (Fleeting): (1)(1)(1)(1)(1) - The Fey Spider may mark a box of Fey Power to Activate any of its stunts. All boxes of this condition recover immediately when the spider is out of combat for at least a short amount of time.
Mind Controlling Bite: When the Demon Spider successfully attacks a target it may mark a box of Demonic Power to attempt to mind control the target. The target may make a Careful roll opposed by the Spider’s Careful. If the target fails he is mind controlled by the spider. The target may attempt another Careful roll on the following turn to overcome the mind control.
Sticky Web: Once per turn, by marking a box of Demonic Power, the Demon Spider can shoot a glob of web at any target in the same zone or an adjacent zone. This web traps the target in place. The target may attempt to escape the web using an appropriate approach against an opposition of Good (+3).

Up to three may form a mob. Add a (2) stress hit box per spider. +1 to attack and defend for each additional spider remaining.
Big Green Ball-o-Rage, Fey Shock Troop
Skills: Fight, Physique +3;
Attacks: Fisticuffs: Fight Roll; Orcish Axe: Weapon 1 Fight Attack
Stunts: Hulk Out!: Orcs fly into a rage. Add Weapon +1 to all melee attacks and gain 4 stress.
Stress: (2/4) Consequences: Mild (2)

Fey Creature

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