DFA Mantles

Dresden Files Accelerated Mantles


Pure Mortal Mantles

Clued-In Mortal
You are a human being devoid of magical prowess, but you have learned that the supernatural exists—perhaps via unexplainable encounters, a lifelong academic interest in the occult, or even acquaintance with a denizen of the Nevernever.

You live outside the law as hired muscle, a con artist, a thief, or any other individual involved in illegal activities by choice.

Law Enforcement
This can be any law enforcement agent, whether a member of Chicago PD, an FBI agent, or an agent of the Secret Service.

Leader of the People
You are the representative of a community of people who are loyal to you. You might be a priest, an activist, or a social worker, but you might also be a cult leader.

As a doctor, nurse, EMT, or medical examiner, you have access to life-saving medical training and credentials.

Monster Hunter
Many mortals dedicate their lives to protecting others from supernatural predations despite the disadvantages of their mortality. Some emerge from survivalist, law enforcement, or military backgrounds, but anyone with sufficient motivation may take up this calling.u have access to life-saving medical training and credentials.

You are among the wealthiest people in your society, whether from success in business, an inheritance, simple luck, or a combination of the three.

You work as a journalist for a newspaper, magazine, tabloid, blog, TV station, or other media organization.

Spellcaster Mantles
Focused Practitioner
While lacking the raw power and the training requisite for a full magical practitioner, you have been gifted—whether by purpose or providence—some small yet potent mystical capability that permits considerable strength across a more limited spectrum.

Magical Practitioner
You are a mortal who has studied and is capable of wielding magic, using the energy of Creation itself. Te White Council of Wizards is certainly known to you, regardless of whether you are an actual member.

Scion and Emissary Mantles
You are a mortal with Fae heritage that is becoming manifest and guiding you toward transformation into a Fae.

Erlkings Huntmaster
Your role for the Wyldfae resembles that of the Winter and Summer Knights for the Fae Courts: assisting the Erlking with issues where supernatural obligations and restrictions prevent his personal attention.

Knight of a Faerie Court
You are a mortal agent of the Faerie Court (Summer or Winter) and invested with the power to act in matters not specifically related to the Sidhe.

Knight of the Cross
You serve the God of Abraham and battle supernatural forces with the strength of your faith and consecrated weaponry.

Kringles Seneschal
You are the seneschal to Kris Kringle, AKA Father Christmas, AKA Santa Claus, AKA St. Nicholas. As Kringle’s agent in the mortal world, your purpose is to help foment, strengthen, and continue mortal belief in your patron.

Red Court Infected
Infected by a Red Court vampire’s feeding, you now have certain of their powers and their hunger for blood. Killing will transform you fully into a vampire.

You are a Chooser, one of the famed Norse shield-maidens of Odin—now called Donar Vadderung (among other things)—and employed by Monoc Securities.

You are a mortal well versed in one magical spell: transformation of yourself at will into one specific animal form, such as wolf or bear.

White Court Virgin
You are the offspring of a White Court vampire but have not killed through feeding and thus are not yet a vampire.

True Fey
All Fae
You are a member of a group too varied to depict in specifics.

Summer Court
You are a member of the Summer Court of the Fey, attuned with growth, abundance, vigor, fire.

Winter Court
You are a member of the Summer Court of the Fey, attuned with death, slumber, ice.

Red Court Vampire
You are a vampire who feeds via ingestion of blood.

White Court Vampire
You feed on life energy expressed in emotions with a taste for certain types of sentiment.


DFA Mantles

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