Souls tortured and twisted by the unknowable horrors of the burning abyss. These creatures are evil; murder and mayhem incarnate.


Archdemons are uncontrollable forces of chaos and destruction. Many over the years have tried to summon and bind an archdemon to their utter detriment. The great Chicago fire, the eruption of Mount St. Helens, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake are just a few documented results of these attempts.

Crossroads Demons

There’s a reason the phrase “The Devil is in the details” was originally used in reference to the fine print of a contract. These demons revel in making deals for a human soul in exchange for money, power, fame, and whatever else a person could desire. These contracts vary in the details but often have a 10 year term. These demons are one step up from run of the mill Soldier demons, meaning they must possess a body.

Soldier Demons

The rank and file of the army of darkness. These loathsome creatures are little more than a cloud of oily black smoke in their natural form and must possess a body, often taking pleasure in forcing themselves into an unwilling host.

True-Form Demons

Some of the highest rank demons, these creatures possess enough vile willpower to retain their grotesque, twisted physical forms. These creatures can appear as nearly anything, some approximating a humanoid appearance while others are wholly alien.


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