Bennies (Bonus Fate Points)

I like to give rewards in-game for helping make our Obsidian Portal site more interesting for readers and guests. I call these “Benefit Points” or “Bennies.”

Following any game session in which you participate, if you (the player) write up a Adventure Log entry scene for your character (1st person, 3rd person omniscient, I don’t care) that helps provide more insight into your characters and/or give new ideas for places to go with the campaign… I’ll reward you.

You should feel free to involve other NPCs and have fun with these posts. Introduce new Locations, Threats, Themes, Aspects… doesn’t matter to me. We’re all collectively involved in growing the campaign. In exchange, you get a free Fate Point for the next game.

Don’t worry about formatting. Just write. I’ll clean it up and “make it pretty”.


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