Void Beast

Void Beasts

Creatures that embody the chaotic nature of the Void; the space from beyond the stars. Void Beasts are unknowable and horrifyingly maddening in their very nature.

This three-legged monstrosity is mostly mouth. Three tentacles, two tipped with barbs and one with eyes, extend from its sides.

Amorphous Beast of Chaos From beyond the Void
Skills: Fight +3; Notice, Physique +2; Athletics, Deceive, Will +1
Tentacle Slam: Weapon 1 Fight Attack;
Bite: Fight Attack
Amorphous Form: No Hole Too Small:You can squeeze underneath a door if need be. You may ignore all barriers that aren’t sealed. Difficult To Grab: Your body isn’t easy to hold. You get +2 to all attempts to avoid or escape a grapple.
Extra Appendages: Multiple Targets: You may make attacks against up to three targets within the same zone. Mix And Match: You may use multiple different actions in a single round. Use the lowest applicable skill. In order to grapple as part of an attack, you must pay a fate point.
Long Reach: If an action requires you to touch something, you can do it from a zone away.
Aura of Chaos: The Otyugh possesses an aura that fills a zone with Chaos. This Chaos is the embodyment of Murphy’s Law and the DM should feel free to use this as they sees fit.
Stress: Physical: (6); Mental: (3); Consequences: Mild (2)

Void Knight

The combination of a Void Touched Human and the Powers of a Knight of Faerie (or equivalent, such as Ezekiel Frost). No one is really sure what this creature is capable of, since it only recently came into being.

Molly O’Riely

Void Beast

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