Supernatural Power-Worldwalker

Worldwalker (-2)

Description: You have a natural ability to cross into and out of the Nevernever by opening a gateway. Others in close proximity to you may pass through this opening as well – and things within the Nevernever may use it to get out. You’re also adept at finding places where the barrier between this world and the Nevernever is weak and permeable, bypassing the need to open a rift yourself.
Notes: This is another “extrapolated” power, not documented in Harry’s casefiles, but pretty well supported by theory. It’s already true that many supernatural creatures can cross over into the Nevernever in places that share an affinity with their kind, so it seems reasonable that someone with a little bit of latent magic ability would be able to manifest a similar kind of affinity. It’s also worth observing that spellcasters usually needn’t worry about this power – their spellcraft powers already provide the ability to detect and open rifts between the mortal realm and the Nevernever.
Skills Affected: Investigation, Lore

Rift Sense: You may use Investigation or Lore to find places where the fabric of reality is weak, allowing easy passage into or out of the Nevernever.

Rift Maker: Once per scene (or per hour, if more appropriate), you are able to tear a temporary hole between this world and the next, allowing people and things to pass into or out of the Nevernever for a few seconds (it takes a true spellcaster to hold a rift open for longer). Some supernatural power-players will get a bit agitated or excited about this, since this inevitably weakens the fabric between the Nevernever and our own world in a given location.

Strange Worlds: Gain +2 Lore regarding Nevernever geography and other trivia about it. By dint of using this power and not, y’know, dying or getting enslaved in Faerie or the like, you’ve had enough exposure to the Nevernever to have a degree of familiarity with it.

Supernatural Power-Worldwalker

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