Supernatural Power-Swift Transition

Swift Transition (-2)

Description: Most supernatural creatures may cross over into the Nevernever naturally, so long as they are in a place that particularly resonates with their nature. With this power, a spirit or other creature may cross over into the Nevernever from nearly anywhere at all.
Skills Affected: Many

Everywhere is a Portal: You may transition to the Nevernever from nearly any location in the mortal world, so long as you are not forcibly restrained by some magical or ritual means.

No Mortal Home (+1): If it suits your concept – such as with ghosts – you are so native to the Nevernever that you are pulled to it if given no strong reason to remain in the mortal realm. Under high stress or magical assault, you may need to make Will rolls (against a difficulty in line with the strength of an attack, etc.) in order to remain in the mortal world. If knocked unconscious or otherwise wholly incapacitated, you immediately transition to the Nevernever, for better or for worse.

Supernatural Power-Swift Transition

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