Supernatural Power-Spirit Form

Spirit Form (-3)

Description: You are an incorporeal spirit form, able to pass through walls and other barriers in the mortal world (thresholds still have an almost physical reality to you, however).
Skills Affected: Many

Insubstantial: You are incorporeal, able to pass through walls, reducing most borders to zero. Thresholds, act as physical barriers to you. Without also taking Physical Immunity to a broad range of effects, you can still be harmed by physical attacks.

Variable Manifestation: You must manifest visibly to truly perceive anything “useful” about the world around you. Even when largely separated from the world, your presence may be felt by those with Ghost Speaker, a high Lore, or other means of magical sensitivity.

Variable Visage: As a spirit, your form may change somewhat in response to your mood or idea of self, causing you to appear more fearsome or beautiful. Gain a +2 to appropriate social actions based on appearance (Intimidation for a fearsome appearance, Rapport or Deceit for a beautiful one). Usually this is an exaggeration of your “normal” appearance in some way.

Poltergeist (–2): Your manifestation is reinforced with solid ectoplasm and able to manipulate objects in the mortal world.
When doing so, you may use your Will in place of Physique to move heavy things, and you may use physical combat skills as normal.

Supernatural Power-Spirit Form

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