Supernatural Power-Incite Emotion

Incite Emotion (-1)

Description: You are able to incite certain strong emotions in a target – usually emotions of passion or pain. Dark or morally “corrupt” emotions (lust, wrath, despair, and others) are the usual ones available. Emotions created by this power are real, but not True. So True Love, Courage, Hope, and so forth are off the table.
Options: This power costs 1 refresh to start and requires you to pick a single emotion you can incite. More potent versions (see below) may be purchased by increasing the refresh cost. The emotion this power incites may be changed under special circumstances, as part of character development.
Skills Affected: Deceit, Intimidation

Emotion-Touch: If you can touch someone, you can make them feel something. You gain a +2 to your rolls to create an emotional aspect or obstacle upon them (using Intimidation for anger or fear, and Deceit for every other emotion). Target defends with Will. This lasts as long as you continue to physically touch them.

Additional Emotion (–1 or more): For every point of refresh spent on this upgrade, you can choose another emotion to use with your Incite Emotion power . Any other upgrades apply to all emotions you can incite.

At Range (–1): You may use this power on targets up to one zone away without touching them. You must stay within this range to maintain your aspect upon them.

Lasting Emotion (–1): You can now use Emotion-Touch as a mental attack. Target defends with Will. If your attack hits, your mind has a Weapon rating of 2. This increases the chances of inflicting a mental consequence (a more lasting emotional state).

Potent Emotion (–1): Must have Lasting Emotion. Your mind now has a Weapon rating of 4.

Supernatural Power-Incite Emotion

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