Supernatural Power-Domination

Domination (-2)

Description: This power is most commonly seen among a segment of Black Court vampires. Given a captive victim, a skilled Black Court vampire or other creature with this power can break down the target’s will through direct psychic assault. It’s not subtle, and it’s not pretty, and it usually leaves a wreck of a mind in its wake.
Skills Affected: Will

Psychic Domination: Given a helpless captive, you may use your Will skill as an overt psychic attack, dealing mental stress and consequences until the victim’s mind is entirely under your sway. The victim may defend with his own Will, but he usually can’t counter-attack, and eventually he’ll just be whittled down – especially if you get creative with the “preparation” of your victim.

Create Renfield: If you take out a victim using this method, you may then perform 1 day of work and turn the character into a Renfield: a horribly broken individual, with nothing left to do except foam at the mouth and fanatically execute your instructions.

Master Dominator (–2): Your domination attacks inflict +2 stress on successful hits. With 3 days of work, you can upgrade a Renfield with Inhuman Strength, Inhuman Recovery, and lifespans of no longer than a month.

Possession (–3): Your domination attacks inflict +2 stress on successful hits (stacks with Master Dominator). This variant is seen most commonly among demons; with this upgrade, you may fully possess your victim once you’ve taken him out with your domination attack. This upgrade is possible only when combining this power with another that allows you to become insubstantial. Gaseous Form could allow you to possess a victim by way of inhalation, while Spirit Form would allow you to simply “step into” the victim’s body. Once you’ve taken possession, you may control your victim completely – without any easy telltales of mind control – and gain access to all of their physical powers and many of their mental ones. Once someone has a reason to be suspicious, you must use your Deceit to defend against discovery.

Supernatural Power-Domination

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