Skill List-Resources


Resources describes your character’s general level of material wealth in the game world and ability to apply it. This might not always reflect cash on hand, it might mean a number of good lines of credit.

You can use Resources to get yourself out of or past any situation where throwing money at the problem will help, such as committing bribery or acquiring rare and expensive things. Challenges or contests might involve auctions or bidding wars.

Create an Advantage
You might use Resources to grease the wheels and make people more friendly, whether that represents an actual bribe (I Scratch Your Back…) or simply buying drinks for people (In Vino Veritas). You can also use Resources to declare that you have something you need on hand, or can quickly acquire it, which could give you an aspect representing the object.

Resources isn’t used for attacks.

Resources isn’t used to defend.

Skill List-Resources

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