Clay Wells (CoG)

Former Cop turned PI turned Monster Hunter


Refresh: 5

High Concept: Was a Cop,now a PI turned Monster Hunter
Trouble: I Trust Three People; Me, Myself, and I
Other Aspects: Bigoted against Dark Elves, My Loyalty is Hard Won

Pure Mortal (Monster Hunter)

Great (+4): Lore, Shoot
Good (+3): Athletics
Fair (+2): Contacts, Stealth
Average (+1): Will, Resources, Knowledge, Notice, Investigate

Physical: (4)
Mental: (5)

Mild (2):
Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):
Extreme (8):

Powers and Stunts
In Pursuit (-1): Name a specific type of supernatural creature. Take a mild mental consequence. Gain +2 on skills related to the hunt.

Countermeasures (-1): Once per session, nullify a creature’s supernatural powers.

Hunter’s Network (-1): Pay a Fate Point. Automatically succeed on an overcome roll to gain information on your chosen quarry.

Nemesis (-1): Choose a single well known supernatural. Gain the benefits of In Pursuit against this target without penalty.

…And Its Brood (-1): If your quarry has servitors, offspring, or other helpers; gain the benefit of In Pursuit against them.

Unique Stunts
Sigil of Protection (-1): You have a sigil of protection. Either a carried item or a permanent mark. Gain +2 Will on any spell or supernatural power that targets you directly.

Ghost Touch Knuckles (-1): When making melee attacks against incorporeal creatures (ie Ghost, Spectres, Wights) you may ignore its spectral qualities and deal full physical damage to it as normal.

Off the Grid (-1): You have no permanent home or identity within the system. Once per scenario, you can immediately recover from a condition, provided the condition results from trouble with the law or society at large.

Called Shot (-1): During a Shoot attack, spend a fate point and declare a specific condition you want to inflict on a target, like Shot in the Hand. If you succeed, you place that as a situation aspect on them in addition to hitting them for stress.

Case Files
Black Venom, Monster Mash I, Hard Target, Peace Summit, Bait and Switch


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Clay Wells (CoG)

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