Ava O'Farrel

Ambitious Mobster's Daughter

Template: Vanilla Mortal (Criminal)
Total Refresh: 12 Unspent Refresh: 10 Skill Cap: Great
High Concept: Ambitious Mobster’s Daughter
Trouble: Daddy’s Made Enemies, I Have a Few Too…
Other Aspects: Daddy’s little Monster, High Society Low Life, Not Used to Hearing the Word “No”
Great (+4) Rapport
Good (+3) Provoke, Contacts
Fair (+2) Resources, Knowledge, Notice
Average (+1) Shoot, Will, Deceive, Empathy
Stunts and Powers
Cost Ability
-0 Heat: Add “Heat” Stress track. Mark Heat to activate certain stunts. At start of scene make an overcome roll to avoid drawing further attention.
-1 Rep: For every box of Heat you mark, add +2 to intimidate or coerce non-criminal NPCs.
-1 Criminal Favors: Acquisition of criminal assistance via marking Heat.
-2 Job Creator: engineer a criminal plot that others will execute on your behalf.
-4 Total Refresh Adjustment
Consequences & Conditions
Mild (2):
Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):
Extreme (8):

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Ava O'Farrel

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