Ava O'Farrel

Ambitious Mobster's Daughter


Scale: Mundane; Fate Points: 2/2
Total Refresh: 3 (Available Refresh: 3 Spent Refresh: 0)



  1. High Concept: Ambitious Mobster’s Daughter
  2. Trouble: Daddy’s Made Enemies, I Have a Few Too…
  3. Daddy’s little Monster
  4. High Society Low Life
  5. Not Used to Hearing the Word “No”

    Careful: +2
    Clever: +3
    Flashy: +1
    Forceful: +2
    Quick: +0
    Sneaky: +1

    Stress & Conditions
    Stress: (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)
    In Peril (Sticky): (4)
    Doomed (Lasting): (6)
    Indebted (Sticky): (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)
    Heat (Sticky): (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) – Mark one of Heat’s five boxes when the attention of law enforcement is attracted, as indicated by your stunts. At the beginning of any scene in which you have Heat and are in a sufficiently public place, you must make an overcome roll to avoid drawing further attention. The GM rolls to oppose with +1 for each box of Heat marked. On a fail with 1–2 boxes marked, you are detained for questioning; if 3–5 boxes are marked, law enforcement immediately attempts to arrest you. Clear one box of Heat between sessions; clear all if you are arrested.

    Mantle Stunts
    Rep: People know your face and/or name and may even fear you, which can be used advantageously. For every box of Heat you are willing to mark, take +2 to intimidate or coerce a non-criminal NPC into cooperating. The NPC will not, however, remain quiet about the coercion.
    Criminal Favors: Acquisition of criminal assistance via marking Heat. One box provides a minor NPC under GM control with +2 in a needed illegal skill set. Two boxes provide two minor NPCs or a significant piece of illegal gear: a stolen car, guns, or drugs. Tree boxes grant access to a secure or restricted area but offer no additional benefits once there.
    Unique Stunts
    Job Creator (Requires two stunts): You engineer a criminal plot that others will execute on your behalf. State your goal—burglary, extortion, murder—and mark all five Heat. Te Heat track must therefore be clear before this stunt is attempted. Make an overcome roll using Intellect to plan the job, and the GM rolls opposition of Good (+3) at minimum but Superb (+5) or even higher if the target is exceedingly well protected (government, military, corporate). Success means that the plot is accomplished with no additional cost. On a tie, you must get involved personally to complete the job, likely requiring a conflict with law enforcement or the target’s security. If you fail, the job is incomplete and you attract the attention of its target. In all results, the five Heat boxes remain marked.


    Minor Milestones (Available: 0)
    May 7, 2017 – None
    May 14, 2017 – None

Significant Milestone (Available: 1)

Major Milestone (Available: 0)


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Ava O'Farrel

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