Children of Gotham is a Dresden Files Accelerated campaign set in Christopher Nolan-ized Gotham City (Minus the Superheroes). Story wise the system is very much flavored by such fictional sources as: Angel, Arkham Horror, Being Human (UK), Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Charmed, The Dresden Files, Elder Sign, Grimm, Supernatural, World of Darkness, etc. Please add us to Your Favorites and stay in touch! If you really like us, leave a Comment!

2017-05-07 — The Game has officially begun! Please feel free to head over to the the Character Page to meet our cast of intrepid investigators.

2017-04-17 — The Game is currently in the planning phase. Updates will be added once the game goes live. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Case Files

2016/01/15 – 2016/01/151
Status: Closed (Resolved)

2015/04/07 – 2015/04/091
Status: Inactive (Unsolved)

??//?? – ??//??1
Status: Closed (Resolved)


1 – All dates are IN-GAME time.
The light and dark parchment backgrounds were created by HumAnnoyd and used with gracious permission.

Special Thanks
Special Thanks to Killervp, Keryth987, and Wolfhound for all of their help and for allowing me to shamelessly steal bits of CSS from them.

Children of Gotham

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