Magan Kotame

Junkie Quantumancer

Template: Wizard
Total Refresh: 12 Unspent Refresh: 09 Skill Cap: Great
High Concept: Junkie Quantumancer
Trouble: Barely Functioning Addict
Other Aspects: Collateral Damage Happens, Twisted Iron Principals, Blackgate Infamous, Animal of the Urban Jungle
Great (+4) Fight
Good (+3) Physique, Will
Fair (+2) Lore, Notice, Investigate
Average (+1) Contacts, Deceive, Knowledge, Provoke
Stunts and Powers
Cost Ability
-3 Spellcasting: You can cast spells. Mark a box of Mental Stress. Describe the effect you are creating including one of the four actions (Attack, Defend, Overcome, Create Advantage). The GM will set a difficulty. Roll Lore. If you fail, Draw Power to succeed.
-3 Ritual Magic: When performing a ritual you may declare that you have a single ritual item on hand. In addition, you gain +2 Lore to perform the ritual.
-1 The Sight: Arcane Senses: Gain +1 to use Lore in place of Investigation or Notice when sensing the supernatural. Wizard’s Touch: Roll Lore to sense a supernatural by touching them. Opening the Third Eye: You can open your third eye.
-1 Mirror, Mirror: Pay a Fate Point. Meagan can look into reflective surfaces (mirrors, water, cell phone screen, etc) to garner glimpses of possible futures and other realities or realms. Make an Investigate roll, opposed by the GM’s roll; On a tie or success Meagan learns a useful piece of information, or two if he succeeds with style. On a failed roll the information may be too jumbled to understand.
-1 Mirror Hop: You have the ability to travel the ways of the spirit world, using mirrored surfaces as an entrance and exit. Once per session, you may conveniently arrive in a scene in a manner and time of your choosing without consideration of time or distance.
-9 Total Refresh Adjustment
Consequences & Conditions
Mild (2):
Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):
Extreme (8):

Case Files
Black Venom, Monster Mash I, Hard Target, Peace Summit, Bait and Switch


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Magan Kotame

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