Jonas Jones

Incubus Motivational Speaker

Template: Incubus
Total Refresh: 12 Unspent Refresh: 10 Skill Cap: Great
High Concept: Incubus Motivational Speaker
Trouble: Eternal People Pleaser
Other Aspects: A Deal Once Struck…, Eater of Joy, Never Let Em See You Suffer, Ripper Riding Shotgun
Great (+4) Rapport
Good (+3) Empathy, Knowledge
Fair (+2) Resources, Lore, Contacts
Average (+1) Athletics, Fight, Stealth, Will
Stunts and Powers
Cost Ability
-1 Demonic Co-Pilot: Demon’s Agenda: You gain a +1 on any skill roll that’s in keeping with your demonic co-pilot’s agenda (Stalking and Murdering people, especially with a knife). When doing so, you must roll Will against the result, as if you were defending against an attack. Failure to defend results in mental stress as if from an attack; psychological consequences that result are set by the GM, in line with the demon’s agenda.
-1 Emotional Vampire: Feeding Frenzy: Make a mental attack against an opponent using Rapport. If you have the Incite Emotion power, inciting the emotion and feeding on it may be done as a single action, based on a single roll. Afterwards, if the emotion is still in place, you may continue to feed, gaining a +1 on the roll. The Taste of Death: Once per scene, if you inflict enough stress and consequences to kill a victim from feeding, you may take an immediate “free” recovery period equal to an extra scene. This will clear your stress track and mild physical consequences, and possibly larger consequences if you have a Recovery power. Feeding Frenzy: When in the presence of heightened emotions and willing victims, you feel a nearly uncontrollable urge to feed. The GM is within her rights to call for Will rolls to resist the urge. In some cases, the urge may take the form of a compel against your high concept.
-0 Human Guise: You SEEM human. If you use your supernatural powers the guise drops and people can tell what you are.
-1 Incite Emotion: Touch someone to incite an emotion. You gain a +2 to your rolls to create an emotional aspect or obstacle upon them (using Rapport). Target defends with Will. This lasts as long as you continue to physically touch them.
-1 At Range: You may use Incite Emotion on targets up to one zone away without touching them. You must stay within this range to maintain your aspect upon them.
+1 Feeding Dependency: Powerful Hunger: Affected powers: Inhuman Recovery, Inhuman Speed, Inhuman Strength. Hunger is Stressful: Gain an additional stress track called Hunger, Huger does not regenerate between scenes. Limited Reserves: At the end of a scene where you’ve used your powers, defend against an attack that manifests as an attack with a strength equal to the total refresh cost of the affected powers you used in the scene. You defend with Will. Hunger Recovery: You can recover your lost powers at the rate of up to 1 Refresh per scene so long as you opt out of the scene, essentially because you are spending it feeding. You can regain all of your lost powers in one scene if you feed so forcefully as to kill a victim outright. In either case, your hunger stress clears out completely, and any consequences that resulted from feeding failure vanish regardless of the usual recovery time.
-1 Inhuman Recovery: The Catch: Holy Water, Holy Weapon. Total Recovery: You can recover totally from any consequence (excluding extreme ones) with no other excuse besides time; simply waiting long enough will eventually heal you completely. Fast Recovery: Out of combat, you may recover from physical consequences as if they were 1 level lower in severity (you recover from moderate consequences as though they were mild, etc.). Consequences reduced below mild are always removed by the beginning of a subsequent scene. Vigorous: Physique never restricts other skills due to a lack of rest. You may skip a night of sleep with no ill effects. Shrug It Off: In combat, once per scene, you may remove a mild physical consequence as a supplemental action.
-2 Inhuman Speed: Improved Initiative: Your Notice gains +4 for the purpose of determining initiative. Athletic Ability: Gain +1 to all your Athletics checks (including dodging). This increases to +2 when moving between zones. Casual Movement: Once per exchange you may do one of the following: Use a Free Action to move into a zone that has no border. OR Use a Supplemental action to attempt to cross a border into another zone.
-2 Inhuman Strength: Improved Lifting: Gain a +3 to Physique whenever lifting or breaking inanimate things. Bruising Strength: Gain a +1 to Physique whenever grappling. Gain +1 to Fighting when attacking someone you have grappled. Hammer Blows: With attacks that depend on muscular force (Fighting, thrown Weapons, etc.), you increase the stress dealt by 2 on a successful hit.
-1 Summer Court Affiliation: Take a consequence, titled Indebted. Gain a bonus to Contacts roll based on the level of consequence (Mild +2, Moderate +4, Severe +6, or Extreme +8) to gain favors from the Summer Court of the Fey.
-1 Supernatural Polyglot: You may know a number of languages/dialects equal to your Knowledge. Once per session you may pay a fate point to be able to passably communicate with a person or creature for the rest of the scene.
-10 Total Refresh Adjustment
Consequences & Conditions
Mild (2):
Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):
Extreme (8):

Case Files
Black Venom, Monster Mash I, Hard Target, Peace Summit, Bait and Switch


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Jonas Jones

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