Guillaume Gabbiani

Cursed Luck Thief

Template: Minor Talent (Luck Thief)
Total Refresh: 12 Unspent Refresh: 07 Skill Cap: Great
High Concept: Cursed Luck Thief
Trouble: Compulsive Gambler
Other Aspects: Driven to Lift This Curse, The Bill Always Comes Due, “Specials” Have to Stick Together
Great (+4) Deceive
Good (+3) Knowledge, Will
Fair (+2) Empathy, Investigate, Notice
Average (+1) Lore, Provoke, Stealth, Fight
Stunts and Powers
Cost Ability
-1 Steal Luck: Mark a box of mental stress. When you touch an individual they take a temporary aspect titled “Unlucky” with two free invokes. You gain a temporary aspect titled “Lucky” with two free invokes.
-2 Accidents Happen: You are a black hole of luck. Pay a Fate point. You gain +4 to all rolls for the rest of the scene. As a result, a major accident occurs (ie a car crashes through the shop window, the elevator you’re in falls, a gas pipe explodes, etc).
-1 Chasing Rumors: When researching the Supernatural, gain +2 to Knowledge or Lore.
Unique Stunts
-1 Cursed to be Forgotten: You have been cursed by a powerful fey creature. When you are out of an individual’s sight for more than an hour (in game time), they must make a Notice roll against a Great (+4) opposition in order to remember you. Certain criteria must be met to remove this curse.
-5 Total Refresh Adjustment
Consequences & Conditions
Mild (2):
Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):
Extreme (8):

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Guillaume Gabbiani

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