Clay Wells

Former Cop turned PI turned Monster Hunter


Scale: Mundane; Fate Points: 3/3
Total Refresh: 3 (Available Refresh: 3 Spent Refresh: 0)

Monster Hunter


  1. High Concept: Former Cop turned PI turned Monster Hunter
  2. Trouble: I Trust Three People; Me, Myself, and I
  3. I F*ing Hate Dark Elves
  4. My Loyalty is Hard Won

  5. Approaches
    Careful: +3
    Clever: +2
    Flashy: +0
    Forceful: +1
    Quick: +1
    Sneaky: +2
    The Hunt: +4

    Stress & Conditions
    Stress: (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)
    In Peril (Sticky): (4)
    Doomed (Lasting): (6)
    Indebted (Sticky): (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)
    In Pursuit (Sticky): (1) – Mark this condition when you name a specific supernatural creature as your target. While this condition is marked, you are obsessed with your quarry and committed to seeking its destruction regardless of cost; you also gain a new approach—The Hunt at Great (+4)—which can be used with any action taken against that quarry. The GM, however, is granted two free boosts to use against you in any scene not directly related to your pursuit and may propose compels involving your obsession. The GM may claim these boosts at any time during a relevant scene. Recover from this condition when your target is dead or you abandon the hunt. If you choose the latter, you may not pursue that particular quarry again.
    Wounded (Lasting): (4) – Mark this condition to absorb four shifts from any attack. While this condition is marked, you have an additional aspect that represents the nature of your injury. If you’re taken out while Wounded, death is on the list of potential outcomes, as with the Doomed condition. Begin recovery from this condition after you’ve received medical attention in a quiet environment (in other words, not in the field) and someone has succeeded at a recovery action against Great (+4) opposition on your behalf. You recover fully at the end of the next session.

    Mantle Stunts
    Countermeasures: Once per session, you may declare that you happen to have a countermeasure on hand that nullifies the effect of scale from a supernatural condition or stunt for the current scene. At the GM’s discretion, this stunt can also nullify other effects of supernatural powers, such as by avoiding a soul gaze or seeing through a glamour.
    Hunters Network: You associate with a loose confederation of hunters who trade rumors and update each other. Once per session when you are In Pursuit, you may succeed automatically at an overcome roll to find information about your quarry. If this information can be expressed as an advantage, you get an aspect with two free invokes as well.
    Unique Stunts
    Nemesis: You are pursuing one well-known monster who eludes you. You can always use In Pursuit against that individual in addition to your marked quarry, without suffering the drawbacks of obsession. If you actually manage to kill that creature, you lose this stunt and can pick a new one. If you take Nemesis, strongly consider tying an aspect to this stunt.


    Minor Milestones (Available: 0)
    May 7, 2017 – None
    May 14, 2017 – None

Significant Milestone (Available: 1)

Major Milestone (Available: 0)


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Clay Wells

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